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Join us and experience the excitement of Hilo, a classic card game with a twist, courtesy of Jili Games. Predict the next card as it’s revealed by the dealer. Will it be ‘above’ or ‘below’ the face-up card? Make the right call to start winning big, but beware, one incorrect guess can end your game. The more correct guesses you string together, the higher your winnings. Hilo promises simple yet exhilarating gameplay for all ages. Come to KingGame Casino for unforgettable entertainment.

Becoming a HiLo Pro: Your Gateway to Casino Excitement

HiLo, also known as high low, is the epitome of simplicity in the world of card games. The goal is straightforward: predict whether the next card laid out on the table will be of a higher or lower value. It’s that easy – guess correctly, and you’re a winner; guess wrong, and you take a step back. This is why Hi-Lo is the go-to choice for newcomers to the casino scene. But don’t let its simplicity fool you; the fast-paced action and decision-making element make it equally appealing to seasoned players. In the sections that follow, we’ll delve deep into the game’s rules, odds, and payouts.

Now, let’s demystify the basics of playing this classic high low game. Begin by placing your bet, and the dealer reveals a card face up. Your task is to predict whether the next card’s value will be higher or lower than the face-up card. A correct prediction earns you the displayed payout, but if luck isn’t on your side, your wager gracefully exits the scene. The next round beckons, and the thrill continues.

Becoming a Hi-Lo Pro Your Gateway to Casino Excitement

In the world of HiLo, there’s no fixed payout structure. Payouts waltz in harmony with the starting card. If the odds favor one outcome over the other, the payout odds adjust accordingly. More insights into these payouts and odds will be unveiled in the upcoming paragraphs. Keep in mind; these are the fundamental rules. Some online HiLo game versions offer fancy betting options and payouts while staying true to these core principles.

Your First Step into Hi-Lo

Before you dive headfirst into the world of HiLo, follow our step-by-step guide to play like a pro.

  • Step 1: Find a Trusted Hilo Hub: Begin your journey by registering at a reputable online casino that features HiLo games, such as KingGame Online Casino.
  • Step 2: Pick Your HiLo Flavor: After setting up an account, venture into the casino games section and choose your preferred HiLo variant.
  • Step 3: Fund Your Fun: To play with real cash, deposit funds by visiting the casino’s cashier and following the deposit process.
  • Step 4: Let the Game Begin: Start by placing your bet and revealing the initial card. Then, decide if the next card will be higher or lower in value.
  • Step 5: Claim Your Winnings: When your prediction proves accurate, savor the displayed payout. At the end of your gaming session, cash out your winnings through the casino’s cashier.

Odds and Payouts

As mentioned earlier, HiLo doesn’t offer a one-size-fits-all payout structure. The rewards for predicting the next card’s outcome fluctuate from round to round, riding on the starting card’s value. If one outcome appears more likely than the other, the payout adapts accordingly. For instance, if the initial card is a 3, the odds are that the next card will be higher. In such cases, the payout for a higher card is smaller compared to a lower one. Generally, the odds tend to be 50/50, but considering the typical 2.5% house edge in most Hi-Lo games, the odds hover around 47.5%. Just like any other casino game, the house always holds the upper hand.

The House Edge and RTP

Speaking of the house edge, let’s delve deeper into it. The house edge represents the casino’s inherent advantage, ensuring their profitability in the long run. It’s the reason casinos thrive. The return to player (RTP) offers another perspective on the house edge – it denotes the percentage of all wagers placed by players that will be paid out as winnings over time. When the RTP is high, the house edge is low. In the realm of Hi-Lo, the theoretical RTP can range from 96% to 98%.

Let’s Get Started: The ABCs of the Game

Let_s Get Started The ABCs of the Game
  • To kick things off, choose your bet amount and give it a click to launch the game.
  • The real excitement begins when you make a call on whether the next card will be “as strong as or equal to” or “weaker than or equal to” your current card.
  • Don’t worry; you can pass on a card up to 20 times within a single round. No need to feel judged here.
  • Keep this hierarchy in mind: ACE might be the smallest fish, but K takes the crown as the kingpin.
  • When you happen to draw a K or an A, you’ll face the choice between “equal to” and “stronger than/weaker than.”
  • For cards ranging from 2 through Q, “HIGH” indicates greater than or equal to, and “LOW” signifies less than or equal to. In case of a tie, both “HIGH” and “LOW” come out as winners.
  • The more correct predictions you stack up, the bigger your payout multiplier grows.
  • Ready to cash in your chips? Just hit the “Cash out” button.
  • If your internet decides to take a break during the game, don’t stress about it. The system steps in, cashes out your winnings, and calls it a day.

Unleash the Bonus Excitement

As you plunge deeper into the Hilo adventure, brace yourself for an electrifying surprise – a shot at grabbing the elusive Golden Card. Flip one over, and if you can correctly predict whether it’s stronger or weaker, get ready for a thrilling bonus round!

Unleash the Bonus Excitement

Here’s the Lowdown on Bonus Rewards

  • GRAND JP – You’re in for a treat with 0.5% of the whole jackpot.
  • MAJOR JP – Bag a fantastic 0.2% of the jackpot.
  • MINOR JP – Snag a solid 0.05% of the jackpot.
  • MINI JP – Multiply your total bet by 3.

Even after you’ve claimed your bonus rewards, the Hilo game keeps the good times rolling.

Ensuring a Level Playing Field

Fair play is the bedrock of Hilo, and we’re committed to making every outcome crystal clear and equitable. How do we achieve this? It’s all about teamwork, combining the server seed, client seeds, and a dash of randomness.

Ensuring a Level Playing Field

To maintain transparency and keep any shady dealings at bay, we’re pulling back the curtain on the client seeds and the random number before each round. This means you can refresh your client seeds without a hint of concern. While we’ll keep the server seed under wraps, we’ll provide you with the hash seed value.

After each round, you have the green light to cross-check and confirm the server seed in your gaming history. This way, you can trust that we’ve played fair and square when it comes to the game’s results. So, dive into Hilo with confidence, knowing that it’s a game where fairness shines brightly.

Surefire Strategies for Hi-Lo Triumph

Even in the deceptively simple realm of Hi-Lo, success doesn’t come gift-wrapped. Forget about card counting, especially when you’re navigating the online waters. To excel, it’s all about making sensible, calculated choices. But fear not, we’ve got some savvy tips to give you that winning edge.

Surefire Strategies for Hi-Lo Triumph

Here’s your treasure trove of guidance:

  • Master the Rulebook: Hi-Lo might seem like a breeze, but don’t rush past the rulebook. A solid grasp of the rules is your golden ticket to success. Take a moment to get well-acquainted before you dive in.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Before you put your hard-earned cash on the line, practice for free. It’s a risk-free way to get comfortable with the betting style and gameplay.
  • Budget Wisely: Map out your budget and stick to it. If you want to prolong your gaming without breaking the bank, consider taking advantage of a bonus offer.
  • Keep an Eye on Payouts: Payout odds can change from one round to the next, so always double-check before making your higher or lower call.
  • Choose Wisely: Opt for a trustworthy online casino that’s safe, offers a diverse range of games, and sweetens the deal with tempting bonuses. Our list of top Hi-Lo casinos can point you in the right direction.

By heeding these tips, you’re in for a top-notch gaming experience. Savvy casino players are always on the lookout for ways to sway the odds in their favor. You might want to try playing Hi-Lo with a strategy, and we’ll delve into that in the next section.

Navigating Hi-Lo with a Game Plan

Because Hi-Lo is refreshingly straightforward, the realm of strategies is relatively lean. Your best bet? Always let logic be your guide. While the lure of hefty payouts can be enticing, remember that bets with lower payout odds often have a higher chance of success. So, weigh your options and decide to go higher or lower based on the most probable outcome.

You might be tempted to think of card counting as a strategy, but it’s practically a no-go online due to automated shuffling. Alternatively, you can experiment with a well-known gambling strategy like the Martingale system. Martingale is usually associated with roulette, but you can adapt its principles to Hi-Lo. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Start with the smallest bet possible.
  • Stick with that bet until you face a loss.
  • After a loss, double your bet.
  • If you continue losing, keep doubling your bet in each round.
  • When you finally score a win, you’ll recoup prior losses and possibly net a small profit.
  • Then, revert to your initial bet and repeat the cycle.

However, remember that no betting strategy guarantees a surefire win. Results are never guaranteed, and you could hit the maximum betting limits before recouping your losses. That’s why it’s crucial to always keep your budget in mind. Playing Hi-Lo with the Martingale strategy could quickly deplete your bankroll if luck isn’t on your side. So, budget wisely.

Unleash Your Gaming Freedom with KingGame

When it comes to ultimate gaming convenience, nothing quite matches the excitement of playing casino games online. But hold on to your hat because it gets even more incredible when you go mobile. At KingGame, we’re here to make your gaming life a breeze, giving you the freedom to play on the go.

Unleash Your Gaming Freedom with KingGame

Our mobile platform is as stable as a rock, incredibly user-friendly, and oh-so-intuitive. Picture yourself diving into your favorite games while you’re waiting for your latte or during your daily commute – that’s the kind of freedom we’re all about. And here’s the best part: the perks keep coming. You can grab bonus offers and promotions, all from the palm of your hand.

But here’s the real game-changer: there’s no need to clutter up your device with downloads. Just open your mobile browser, and you’re good to go. When the RTP is higher, it means the house edge is smaller. Whether you prefer to play on your smartphone or tablet, the experience is designed to capture the thrill of gaming on your trusty desktop. The only real difference? Our mobile casino is tailor-made for touchscreen action. While the game selection might be a tad more compact, the excitement remains as gigantic as ever.


KingGame is an online casino that offers a wide range of casino games, including Hi-Lo, a classic card game with a twist, designed for both newcomers and seasoned players.

To play Hi-Lo at KingGame, you start by choosing your bet amount and then predict whether the next card will be “above” or “below” the current face-up card. If you guess correctly, you win!

Absolutely. KingGame is committed to fairness and transparency. The game results are generated collaboratively using server seeds, client seeds, and random numbers. The client seeds and random numbers are revealed before each round, ensuring fairness.

Yes, KingGame offers a mobile platform that allows you to enjoy Hi-Lo and other casino games on the go. No need for downloads – simply use your mobile browser.

While Hi-Lo is a game of chance, some strategies can help you make logical decisions. It’s essential to understand the rules, budget wisely, and pay attention to payout variations.


KingGame offers an exciting gaming experience with its HiLo game. Whether you’re new to casino gaming or a seasoned player, HiLo provides a thrilling and straightforward way to test your intuition and win big. The commitment to fairness and transparency, along with a mobile platform for gaming on the go, makes KingGame an excellent choice for casino enthusiasts. Remember to have fun, play responsibly, and make sound decisions for an enjoyable gaming experience. Good luck and have a great time with HiLo at KingGame!

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