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Tongits Go, a popular card game in the Philippines, has uncertain origins and gained popularity in Luzon, the country’s largest island, during the 1990s. This game uses a standard 52-card deck and is known for its fun nature, especially when played with friends and family during gatherings, adding excitement to reunions. Players can choose to bet some money or just enjoy it for fun, sometimes with small penalties for the losers. Surprisingly, Tong-its has also become a part of local tradition, occasionally played during certain family events, like wakes (lamay sa patay), to bring a bit of cheer to otherwise somber occasions.

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Begin Your Tongits Go Journey on Jili

Begin Your Tong Its Go Journey on Jili


  • Use a regular deck of 52 cards without any Jokers.
  • Play the game with three players.
  • Give each player 12 cards.
  • Put the leftover cards face down in the middle as the main stack.

How to Play

  • Start by choosing a player to go first, and then take turns counterclockwise.
  • Players can pick a card from the middle stack and add it to their hand during their turn. If they can immediately use a card that was previously discarded by another player to create a specific card combination called a Meld, they can take that card and use it for their Meld.
  • During their turn, players can place the created Melds on the table or keep them in their hand. They must choose one card to discard into the pile of discarded cards before they end their turn.
  • Players have 20 seconds to draw a card either from the middle stack or the discarded cards during their turn. If they don’t draw within this time limit, a card will be automatically drawn from the middle stack for them.
  • Players also have 20 seconds during their Meld to play their hand, discard one card, and place it in the discarded cards pile. If they don’t take any action within this time limit, a Meld will be automatically created, and the highest card in their hand will be discarded.
  • If a player has a Meld on the table that no one else adds to (known as Sapaw), they can initiate a Fight during their turn. Other players can choose to either “Fight” or “Fold.” After everyone makes their decisions, a showdown occurs, and the game proceeds to the settlement phase.
  • When all the cards in a player’s hand are part of Melds, they can declare a “Tongits Victory” during their Meld and move on to the settlement phase.
  • Once all the cards in the central stack have been drawn, all players enter the settlement phase to calculate the final scores.

Point Calculation

  • When you make Melds (specific card combinations), the cards in those Melds don’t count for points.
  • Cards numbered 2 to 10 are worth the same number of points as their face value. “A” is worth 1 point, and J, Q, and K are each worth 10 points.

Player Turn Options


Players can take a card from the discarded pile that matches their hand to form a Meld.


Players can lay down their created card combinations on the table.


Players can link their cards with their own or others’ card combinations on the table.


Players need to select one card to discard into the pile of discarded cards, which concludes their turn.


  • Players can start a Fight when they’re drawing a card, but only if they have a Meld on the table that no one else added cards to.
  • The outcome of the Fight is determined by the choices made by all players and the points in their cards.


  • A player can announce “Tongits” during their turn if they have no points left in their cards after discarding them.


  • Normal Win: 1x
  • Tongits: 1x
  • Win Challenge: 2x
  • Burned: 1x
  • Special Melds: 2x
  • Bonus Cards: 1x
  • Sagasa: 1x


  • The loser’s payout is determined by adding up various factors like Normal Win, Tongits, Special Melds, Bonus Cards, Burned Players, and Challengers, and then multiplying the total by 0.95.

Poker Hands

Poker Hands

Straight Flush

  • Three or more cards of the same suit with numbers in a row, but you can’t use Q, K, A.

Types of Melds

  • Kind of Melds: Three or four cards with the same value but from different suits.

Special Melds

  • A Pure Sequence of five or more cards or four cards with the same point but from different suits is a “Special Meld.” 
  • If the winner has N Special Melds when the game ends, the loser pays N*2 times the Ante.

Bonus Card

  • A and K are Bonus Cards. 
  • If the winner has N Bonus Cards in their hand when the game ends, the loser pays an extra N times the Ante.


  • When a Three of a Kind can be turned into Four of a Kind from the central stack, it’s called a Sagada. 
  • If the winner has N Sagadas in their hand when the game ends, the loser pays an additional N times the Ante.

Strategies for Success in Tongits Go on Jili

Strategies for Success in Tong Its Go on Jili

Know the Rules

Before you play, understand how the game works. Learn how to draw cards, make melds, and use the central stack. Knowing the basics is vital for making good decisions.

Plan Your Moves

Tongits Go is a strategy game, so think about your moves carefully. Decide when to draw cards and when to create melds. Try to form special melds like a straight flush or three of a kind.

Watch Your Opponents

Make sure to watch what your rivals are up to. Try to predict their strategies and adjust your game accordingly. If you see an opponent making a strong meld, consider breaking it with your cards.

Create Melds Wisely

Making melds is how you win in Tongits Go. Aim to create melds with higher point values. Special melds, like straight flushes, can boost your score significantly.

Manage Your Hand

Don’t keep cards that won’t help you form melds. Discard less useful cards and keep those that could lead to valuable melds.

Timing Matters

Knowing when to declare a “Tongits Victory” is crucial. Wait for the right moment when your hand is strong enough, and your opponents can’t challenge your move.

Use “Fight” Wisely

When you have a strong hand, consider challenging your opponents with a “Fight.” This can lead to bigger rewards if you win. But be careful not to challenge too early and risk losing good cards.


Like any card game, practice is key. Play Tongits Go regularly to refine your strategies, learn from your mistakes, and become a better player.

Responsible Gaming

Remember that Tongits Go is a game meant for enjoyment. Set a budget for your play and don’t chase losses. Have fun while being responsible with your actions.

Enjoy the Game

Ultimately, Tongits Go is about having a good time. Whether you win or lose, focus on enjoying the game and the fun it brings when playing with friends and family.


To win in Tong Its Go, you aim to have the highest score when the game ends. This is achieved by forming valuable melds and special combinations, such as straight flushes and three of a kind. The individual with the greatest number of points emerges as the victor.

A “Fight” is a feature in Tong Its Go that allows a player to challenge opponents when they have a strong hand. If you initiate a “Fight” and win, you can earn higher rewards. However, timing and strategy are crucial when deciding to initiate a “Fight.”

Special Melds, such as pure sequences and combinations of four identical-point cards from different suits, can significantly boost your score. Bonus Cards, typically Aces (A) and Kings (K), can also add points to your hand. The more of these you have, the higher your score.

Declaring a “Tongits Victory” means you believe your hand is strong enough to win. When you declare it, your opponents can’t challenge your move, and the game enters the settlement phase to determine the final scores.

To become a better Tong Its Go player, practice is key. Play regularly to refine your strategies, learn from your mistakes, and gain more experience. Additionally, studying the rules and seeking tips from experienced players can help you improve your skills over time.


In summary, engaging in Tong Its Go on the KingGame platform offers an exhilarating and strategic card gaming experience that has captured the hearts of numerous players. This game amalgamates skill, strategy, and a touch of luck to forge an engrossing and competitive ambiance. To thrive in Tong Its Go, it is imperative to not only grasp the rules but also meticulously strategize your moves, remain vigilant of your opponents, and strategically create melds to optimize your point accumulation. The game’s distinctive elements, including the “Fight” option and special melds, contribute to the depth and excitement of each hand. Whether you are a seasoned player or a novice, Tong Its Go on KingGame presents a delightful and entertaining pastime that fosters a sense of camaraderie and amusement among friends and family, fostering a spirit of amicable competition and enjoyment.

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