Super Bingo Fun Awaits at Jili!

In the Jili Super Bingo Game, players match numbers on bingo cards as they’re randomly called. Each round starts with various winning patterns like horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines. Players can mark cards manually or choose the auto-daub feature for a relaxed playstyle. To add excitement, the game offers bonuses, power-ups, special numbers, and progressive jackpots. Experience a diverse and captivating player journey with frequent surprises and rewards.

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Play Smart: Your Jili Super Bingo Handbook

Jili Super Bingo Game is an online bingo experience on Jili Games that combines traditional bingo with contemporary twists. Here’s how you can play:

Play Smart Your Jili Super Bingo Handbook

Bingo Card

You receive a card with numbers arranged in a grid.

Mark Numbers

As the game randomly announces numbers, mark them on your card. You can do it manually or use the auto-daub feature.

Win Patterns

To win, complete specific patterns like rows, columns, or more complex shapes. The winning pattern is revealed at the beginning of each round.

Extra Fun

Jili Super Bingo Game can feature bonuses, power-ups, special numbers, and even progressive jackpots for added excitement and bigger prizes

Easy Steps for Super Bingo Play

Easy Steps for Super Bingo Play
  • Choose from 1 to 20 bingo cards per game. More cards mean better chances to win.
  • Complete any winning pattern on the chart to claim your prize.
  • If a lower-paying winning pattern overlaps with a higher one, you’ll get the higher payout.
  • Your winning odds depend on the cost of each bingo card.
  • After 30 balls are drawn, you can purchase extra balls if you’re close to winning.
  • You have the option to buy up to 10 extra balls, and the price varies based on your progress toward winning.

Super Bingo Fun Features Unveiled

Super Bingo Fun Features Unveiled


  • Win both rewards ( & ) to earn 5 bonus games. Winning only grants 8 bonus games. The excitement kicks in after the results are tallied.
  • In every game, you get four 5×5 bingo cards. 39 numbers are drawn for you to match with your cards.
  • Watch the odds at the top of your screen during bonus games; the highest reward usually appears on the far left.
  • If you lose connection, no worries. The system takes over and completes the game, and you can check the results in the game’s history.


  • In the game, a special ‘wild ball’ may appear. When it shows up, you get to choose its number from a set of options.
  • The choices are determined by the top 1 to 4 players with the most money ready to win.
  • If you don’t pick a number within 15 seconds, the game will automatically choose the one with the highest amount of money ready to win.


  • In the game, three special prizes will randomly appear. Click on the golden prizes to monitor your progress.
  • Every time you win a prize, it’s added to your collection.
  • Upon reaching a certain number of collected prizes, you can enter a lucky draw.
  • The number of draws available depends on the prize difficulty, with a maximum of 2 draws.
  • After completing the lucky draw, collected prizes reset and start again, but your collection goal remains until achieved.
  • If you don’t place bets in the game for three days, your progress will reset.


  • When purchasing extra balls, you might occasionally receive a free one, allowing you to get the next ball without paying.
  • If you don’t make a purchase within 10 seconds, the system will automatically buy a ball for you.

Super Bingo Success: Essential Playing Tips!

Super Bingo Success Essential Playing Tips!

Manage Your Cards Wisely

Keep track of your bingo cards and consider buying more to increase your chances of matching numbers.

Strategize Your Bonus Games

Understand the bonus game rules and strategize your approach to maximize your winnings during these special rounds.

Stay Alert for Wild Balls

Take advantage of special “wild ball” opportunities by selecting numbers strategically, based on the top players’ money values.

Monitor Special Prizes

Keep an eye out for randomly appearing special prizes and click on golden prizes to progress in the game.

Optimize Extra Ball Purchases

Utilize the option to buy extra balls strategically, especially when offered a free one, to improve your chances of completing winning patterns.

Super Bingo Wins: Your Lucky Advantage!

Super Bingo Wins Your Lucky Advantage!

Exciting Variety

Super Bingo offers a diverse gaming experience with a mix of traditional and modern twists, keeping players engaged and entertained.

Interactive Features

The game introduces special elements like wild balls, extra ball purchases, and special prizes, providing players with dynamic and interactive gameplay.

Progressive Rewards

Super Bingo includes a collection system and lucky draws, offering players the opportunity to earn additional rewards and keep the game experience fresh and rewarding.


Some purchases of extra balls may grant a free one, boosting your chances without additional cost.

If you don’t pick a number within the given 15 seconds, the system automatically selects the one with the highest potential winnings.

The number of draws depends on the difficulty of the prize, with a maximum of 2 draws after reaching the required collected prizes.

Special prizes pop up randomly during the game, providing players with opportunities to progress and win.

Progress resets if you don’t place bets in the game for three consecutive days.


In conclusion, playing Super Bingo at KingGame Casino Live offers a delightful blend of traditional bingo with exciting twists, providing players with a dynamic and engaging gaming experience. The inclusion of features like wild balls, extra ball purchases, and special prizes adds an interactive element to the gameplay, ensuring every round is filled with surprises. The progressive rewards system, including lucky draws and collection goals, keeps the game fresh and rewarding for players seeking continuous excitement. The easy-to-understand rules and user-friendly interface make Super Bingo accessible to players of all levels, promising hours of enjoyable playtime. Dive into the world of Super Bingo at KingGame and embark on a journey of fun, surprises, and potential winnings.

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