Go Rush in Jili | A Race for Rewards!

Picture a journey through space, following a rocket as it explores the universe. That’s the thrilling experience you’ll have with Go Rush, created by Jili Games at KingGame Casino.

Go Rush is an exciting space adventure with a unique twist. It uses a Burst Mechanic, much like games such as Crash and Bustabit. Here’s how it works: players bet on when a multiplier will “burst,” signaling the end of the game. The game happens on a dynamic graph that starts at 1x and gradually increases until it reaches a crucial point, causing the graph to “burst” and trigger payouts. But remember, the excitement comes with risk – failing to cash out in time can result in losing your bet.

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While Go Rush offers the potential for excitement and profit, it’s crucial to gamble responsibly. Only wager amounts that you are willing to comfortably part with.

Embark on an Adventure with Rocket Rewards

Embark on an Adventure with Rocket Rewards

In Go Rush, you can win rewards as long as you cash out before the rocket’s thrilling finish. You can even place several bets at once. You can bet with as little as P 1.00 and as much as P 2,000 in Philippine currency. Increasing your number of bets improves your chances of winning. It’s all about guessing when the right time to cash out is and enjoying the rewards.

Rules for Playing Go Rush in Jili

This game will keep you thrilled and fully engaged in the joy of winning! It’s designed with a system that ensures fairness, but you can still achieve substantial multipliers in a matter of seconds.

Rules for Playing Go Rush in Jili

How to Play Go Rush

Before launch

Place a bet using the betting dashboard, or you can also use the other dashboard to work toward your winning goal with multiple bets.

After launch

Your winnings will continue to grow until the rocket completes its journey, and at that point, you can collect all your bets. (If you missed placing a bet before liftoff, you can bet on the next round, and it will be processed automatically.)

Cash Out

You need to collect your winnings before the rocket’s journey concludes. Also, you have the option to claim half or all of your winnings to secure a larger prize. (Keep in mind that once the rocket’s journey ends, any remaining winnings will be forfeited.)

Dive Deeper for More Details

Your initial winning multiplier commences at 1.01X and steadily increases as the rocket embarks on its journey. The total amount you win corresponds to your bets, which are multiplied by the winning multiplier at the moment you decide to claim your winnings. (It’s important to note that the minimum burst point is 1.00x, and to cash in, your multiplier must be at least 1.01x).

Should you choose to cash out at the same time as the rocket’s crash, your bet will be forfeited.

Before each round, a provably fair system is in place. The server randomly generates a seed, and when the rocket completes its flight, this server seed is used in combination with the client seeds to calculate the multiplier. (You can verify the fairness of the games by examining the game history.)

Exploring Game Functions

Exploring Game Functions

Bet and Cash Out

  • You can place rapid and continuous bets using the chip button located on the right side of each betting dashboard. (It’s possible to make two bets simultaneously).
  • To collect your winnings, just click the “Cash Out” button to withdraw your funds.
  • Your total winnings are calculated as your bet multiplied by the multiplier.

Autoplay and Auto Cash Out

  • You have the option to establish an automatic withdrawal multiplier by selecting “Auto Cash Out.”
  • Additionally, you can customize various other Autoplay settings by clicking “More” on the right.

Provably Fair

  • The game employs provably fair encryption technology to guarantee 100% fairness in every gambling outcome. This technology prevents any external interference in the gambling results.
  • After each flight concludes, the result is generated through a combination of client-side generated seeds, rather than being directly produced by the server. This process ensures complete transparency and verifiability, making it impossible for anyone to manipulate the outcome.
  • For every betting player, a client is randomly selected to create a seed for the game. Additionally, the server generates its own seed consisting of 48 random symbols to be combined with the results.
  • The server seed is made available to all players for inspection prior to the game’s commencement, and this information can be accessed through the in the function menu.
  • Before the game begins, the server seed is merged with the client seeds from the three players to generate a SHA512 hash, which ultimately determines the winner(s) of the game.

Experience and Security in Your Hands

Experience and Security in Your Hands

Set up your client seed

You can customize your client seed via the in the menu.

Query the server seed

You have the option to review the server seed using the in the menu.

Participate in outcome generation

By participating in the game, you’ll be involved in the generation of game results.

Access SHA512 hash information

You can view and obtain information about the SHA512 hash for each game using the in the records.

Validate the accuracy of the hash

The in-game validation tool allows you to confirm the accuracy of the SHA512 hash.

Handling connection anomalies

  • Bets will be invalidated if the game starts before it’s scheduled.
  • If manual cash-out is not possible after the game begins, it will automatically occur based on the default “auto cash-out” setting.


In the event of any malfunction leading to an indeterminate game result, such a result will not be considered valid.

Game Plan for Go Rush: Winning Tactics

Discover these effective strategies for your Go Rush gameplay in Jili:

Game Plan for Go Rush Winning Tactics

Wager Responsibly

Establish a betting budget and adhere to it. Only bet amounts that you’re willing to lose comfortably.

Comprehend the Burst Mechanic

Get acquainted with how the Burst Mechanic operates and the mechanics of multipliers. This understanding will assist you in making well-informed choices.

Commence with Modest Bets

If you’re new to the game, initiate your gameplay with smaller bets. This approach allows you to grasp the game’s dynamics and curbs potential losses.

Leverage Auto Cash Out

Ponder the use of the Auto Cash Out feature, automatically claiming your winnings at a predefined multiplier. This safeguards your bet from potential losses if you overlook manual cash out.

Track the Graph

Vigilantly observe the game’s graph. Understanding its trends can enhance your ability to predict the optimal moment for cashing out.

Stay Updated

Remain well-informed about the latest developments, tactics, and advice for Go Rush. Engage with online communities or forums to exchange strategies with fellow players.

Exercise Patience

Avoid impulsive decisions and exercise patience. Be patient for the opportune moment to execute your cash out.

Extract Wisdom from Experience

Learn from your victories and defeats. Analyze your gameplay to identify recurring patterns and enhance your overall strategy.


You can check the fairness and transparency of Go Rush game outcomes by verifying the server seed and using the in-game validation tool. The provably fair system ensures that no third parties can interfere with the results.

If your internet connection gets interrupted during a Go Rush game, the default “auto cash out” setting will take effect. Bets will be void if the game begins before the start.

To set up Auto Cash Out in Go Rush, you can click on the “Auto Cash Out” feature. This allows you to define a multiplier at which your winnings will be automatically collected.

Increasing your chances in Go Rush involves understanding the Burst Mechanic and carefully choosing when to cash out. It’s crucial to make well-timed decisions, monitor the game’s graph, and possibly use Auto Cash Out features.


In conclusion, playing Go Rush in Jili, whether at the KingGame platform or an online casino, offers an exhilarating and unique betting experience with its Burst Mechanic and versatile betting options. However, it’s essential to approach the game responsibly, setting a budget, understanding its mechanics, and using Auto Cash Out wisely to enhance your winning potential. Go Rush operates on a provably fair system, ensuring transparency and fairness in every outcome. To enjoy the thrill while minimizing risks and making informed choices for a chance to win big, responsible gambling is paramount.

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