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The All Star Fishing Game offers an online casino experience that closely simulates real fishing. Players select baits and cast their lines into the virtual waters, hoping to reel in a diverse range of fish. Each fish carries a unique value, with rarer and more challenging catches yielding higher scores. The primary objective is to capture as many fish as possible within the given time frame, and the player with the highest score claims the top prize.

All Star Fishing Online Game stands out as a popular title within its gaming series. The game is a straightforward yet captivating shooting experience. Smaller fish come at a lower cost but are easier to hook. Conversely, larger targets promise greater payouts, but capturing them demands more shots, thus enhancing the game’s overall value. You have the option to hone your skills by practicing in demo mode before venturing into real-money play at the casino.

all star fishing

In this action-packed video game, an array of weapons is at your disposal. These tools encompass the Jellyfish Gun, designed to immobilize fish, and the Eagle Fighter, specifically geared towards boss encounters. Employ these weapons strategically to triumph over the formidable Ocean King and secure victory with ease.

Playing All Star Fishing: A Quick Guide

Getting started with All Star Fishing is a straightforward process, and here’s how you can begin:

Playing All Star Fishing A Quick Guide
  1. Bait Selection: Start by choosing your bait. Various baits are effective at luring distinct fish species.
  2. Casting Your Line: Click or tap to cast your line into the water, aiming to catch as many fish as possible.
  3. Reeling In: When a fish approaches your bait, click or tap again to reel it in. Timing is crucial.
  4. Scoring Points: Each fish you catch contributes to your score, with rarer or larger fish earning more points.
  5. Time Limit: The game typically has a time limit, so maximize your catches within that time frame.
  6. Winning Prizes: The player with the highest score at the end wins the top prize. Practice in demo mode before playing for real money, and consider using special weapons strategically for an advantage.

Selecting Your All-Star Fishing Game Preferences

Choosing the ideal way to enjoy All Star Fishing is as simple as configuring your preferred game settings:

Selecting Your All-Star Fishing Game Preferences

Pick Your Game Mode

Tutorial Mode (Free Option)

In this mode, you can grasp the game’s fundamentals without spending a single penny, functioning as a practice arena for skill development.

Real Money Mode (Money-Based)

When you’re prepared to elevate the stakes and vie for tangible prizes, this mode becomes your choice.

Selecting a Gaming Room

Once you’ve made your mode selection, it’s time to opt for a gaming room where all the excitement unfolds. Here are the room options at your disposal:

Newbie Room

Perfect for newcomers, this room offers a comfortable atmosphere with bet ranges between 0.1 and 10, providing an ideal starting point for novices.

Happy Room

Seeking some lighthearted entertainment? This room serves as the hub for lively action, with bet limits spanning from 0.1 to 50, making it a favorite among many players.

Regal Room

If you’re feeling fortunate and ready for higher stakes, the Regal Room awaits, where bets extend from 1 to 100, promising potentially impressive rewards.

Key Elements in the All Star Fishing Game: Enhancements and Unique Fish

In the realm of All Star Fishing, you’ll encounter some thrilling aspects that can truly enhance your gaming experience. Let’s delve into the specifics of these unique elements:

Key Elements in the All-Star Fishing

Special Weapon Shark Bite

At a price of four times your wager, you can unleash the formidable Shark Bite. This potent attack significantly boosts your chances of snaring a fish, with rewards calculated using the standard multiplier.

Special Weapon Jellyfish Cannon

For a cost of six times your bet, you can employ the practical Jellyfish Cannon. This nifty tool offers you the opportunity to immobilize your targeted fish, simplifying the capturing process.

Special Weapon Eagle Claw Hook

  • By investing 15 times your bet, you can equip the potent Eagle Claw Hook. This hook not only enhances your odds of fish capture but also comes with some thrilling bonus attributes:
  • Utilizing the Eagle Claw Hook may trigger a distinctive capture event.
  • If you successfully capture a fish with this hook, you’ll receive a random bonus reward, ranging from 99x to 999x. The magnitude of your bonus depends on the fish’s star value, ranging from 1 to 5.
  • Deploying the Eagle Claw Hook also heightens your chances of encountering the elusive Sea King.

Special Fish

Targeting Special Fish presents an opportunity for their evolution, accompanied by the usual rewards outlined in the PayTable. Special Fish can undergo two levels of evolution, each bestowing an additional multiplier:

  • Level 1: 3x Multiplier
  • Level 2: 5x Multiplier
  • Level 3: 7x Multiplier
  • Level 3: Special Fish reverts to Level 1 post-capture.

Crystal Crab & Jewel Turtle

Capturing these unique creatures can initiate a slot machine game. Attaining a multiplier in the slot machine instantly awards a corresponding bonus, featuring values such as 1, 3, and 8, with prizes reaching as high as 888x.

Giant Octopus

Engaging the Giant Octopus can trigger a distinctive bonus wheel event. Once the wheel spins, you’ll be awarded the bonus amount indicated on the wheel, with a maximum bonus capped at 600x.


Targeting the Phoenix not only provides you with standard multipliers but also offers a chance to partake in a unique mini-game aimed at Awakening the Phoenix. By rapidly tapping the screen during this mini-game, you can enhance its fiery assault and secure rewards, with the highest bonus limited to 800x.

Giant Crocodile

Focusing your firepower on the Giant Crocodile can set off a mini-game focused on Enraging the Crocodile. Swiftly tapping the screen in this mini-game fills the Rage meter. Successfully enraging the Crocodile can result in a bonus of up to 1000x.


Aiming at the Naga results in basic multiplier rewards and an opportunity to enter a specialized mini-game. Within this mini-game, you’ll be prompted to choose one of two Electric Orbs. The Naga will then unleash an electric attack spanning the entire map, yielding a bonus of up to 1200x. You’re provided with two chances to utilize the Electric Orb, denoted by the Trident icons. Accumulate Sapphires to earn free Electric Orb uses.

Free Thunderbolt

While you play, your energy meter gradually fills up. Once it’s fully charged, you can summon the Thunderbolt for a potent, wide-range attack. The energy conversion and discharge are linked to your current bet, and the energy resets after use or if you exit the game for 24 hours.

These elements introduce an additional layer of excitement to your All-Star Fishing adventure, transforming each catch into a thrilling experience. Enjoy the game and take full advantage of these unique tools and opportunities!

All Star Fishing Game Payout Chart: Understanding Your Winnings

In the All Star Fishing game, it’s crucial to grasp how the payout system operates. Here’s a breakdown of the rewards for various fish and special sea creatures:

All-Star Fishing Game Payout Chart

Normal Fish

These fish offer rewards from twice to ten times your wager. As you progress through levels, the bonuses increase.

Puffer Fish

Payouts for Puffer Fish vary based on their level:

  • First Level Puffer Fish: Offers payouts ranging from 15X to 20X, with a 3X prize.
  • Second Level Puffer Fish: Provides payouts from 15X to 25X, with a 5X prize.
  • Golden Puffer Fish: Yields payouts between 15X and 30X, with a 7X prize.

King Squid

Similar to Puffer Fish, King Squid payouts are contingent on their level:

  • First Level King Squid: Grants payouts ranging from 20X to 25X, with a 3X prize.
  • Second Level King Squid: Bestows payouts between 20X and 30X, with a 5X prize.
  • Golden King Squid: Results in payouts spanning from 20X to 35X, with a 7X prize.

Monster Lobster

Monster Lobster also provides distinct payouts based on their level:

  • First Level Monster Lobster: Offers payouts from 25X to 30X, with a 3X prize.
  • Second Level Monster Lobster: Grants payouts from 25X to 35X, with a 5X prize.
  • Golden Monster Lobster: Yields payouts between 25X and 40X, with a 7X prize.

Special Sea King: Crystal Crab and Jewel Turtle

Crystal Crab and Jewel Turtle present the following payout scheme:

  • Crystal Crab: Offers payouts of 30X, 40X, or 50X, with the opportunity to win between 111X and 888X.
  • Jewel Turtle: Bestows payouts of 40X, 50X, or 60X, with a chance to secure rewards ranging from 111X to 888X.

Special Sea King: Giant Octopus

The Giant Octopus provides payouts of 60X, 80X, or 100X, with a remarkable maximum prize of 360X, 480X, or 600X.

Special Sea King: Phoenix

The Phoenix can deliver payouts ranging from 20X to an astounding 800X.

Special Sea King: Giant Crocodile

The Giant Crocodile can result in payouts varying from 50X to an impressive 1000X.

Special Sea King: Naga

The Naga offers payouts from 50X to an astonishing 1200X.

Effective Strategies for Success in All Star Fishing

Here are five effective strategies for playing All Star Fishing:

Effective Strategies for Success in All Star Fishing

Bait Selection

Choose your bait wisely. Different baits can attract different types of fish, each with varying point values. Understanding the preferences of each fish and selecting the appropriate bait can boost your overall score.

Timing is Key

Reeling in fish at the right moment is crucial. Patience and good timing can help you maximize your catches and achieve a higher score. Wait until the fish is close to your bait before reeling it in for the best results.

Practice in Demo Mode 

Before wagering real money, take advantage of the demo mode to practice your skills. Familiarize yourself with the game mechanics and understand the behavior of different fish types. This will help you become more proficient in catching fish.

Utilize Special Weapons

The game offers special weapons like the Shark Bite, Jellyfish Cannon, and Eagle Claw Hook. Use these strategically to enhance your chances of success. Invest in these weapons when you’re confident in your ability to secure more significant rewards.

Manage Your Bankroll

Establish a gaming budget and adhere to it. All Star Fishing can be engaging, and it’s easy to get carried away. By managing your bankroll and knowing when to stop, you can ensure that your gaming experience remains enjoyable without risking significant losses.


All Star Fishing is an online casino game that simulates a fishing experience, where players aim to catch various fish to earn rewards.

To play, select your bait, cast your line, and aim to catch fish to earn points and prizes within a set time frame.

All Star Fishing rounds are usually designed to be completed within a set time, and pausing or saving mid-game may not be possible.

Practicing in demo mode allows players to hone their skills and understand the game mechanics without risking real money.


In summary, All Star Fishing, often associated with the KingGame platform, provides an engaging blend of casino gaming and angling adventure. This unique online fishing game combines strategy, skill, and luck, allowing players to cast lines, reel in a variety of fish, and utilize special weapons for added excitement. With diverse fish species and special creatures, it creates an immersive and enjoyable gaming environment, particularly appealing to those seeking entertainment and rewards. Practice modes are available for beginners to get acquainted with the game, making it a captivating fusion of fishing-themed fun and casino entertainment within the secure and regulated setting of KingGame.

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