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Welcome to the enchanting underwater realm of Royal Fishing, a thrilling and rewarding game created by Jili Games, and presented by KingGame online casino. In this exciting adventure, you’ll plunge into the ocean’s depths, encountering a variety of sea creatures. Your mission? To embark on a thrilling journey and scoop up fantastic prizes.

To begin, you’ll decide your betting amount and the cost of each shot. Then, you become the skilled fisherman! Take aim and fire at your targets. Keep in mind that the size of your target determines the size of your prize. Bigger targets promise bigger rewards, but they require more shots, each with its own cost. Discover your unique winning strategy, have a blast, and savor the Royal Fishing game. You can explore other similar games from this provider on our website.

Royal Fishing

What’s Royal Fishing all about? 

It’s a game where you shoot fish to win exciting rewards. This game comes packed with cool features, and as you keep playing, you stand a great chance of winning big. People love it because it not only looks fantastic but also offers special events that make winning rewards easier.

What_s Royal Fishing all about

The folks behind this game put a lot of effort into every detail. They’ve made sure it’s visually stunning with awesome effects that create a realistic and fun experience, even during extended play.

Royal Fishing is constantly improving by adding more content and enhancing the game design. Its 3D graphics transport you to a vast, mysterious ocean, providing an immersive experience.

They’ve also paid great attention to making the fish and other sea creatures look amazing. The in-game events allow you to earn money quickly, so it’s a great idea to jump in and start playing for some winnings.

If you’re on the lookout for a game where you shoot fish and have a safe opportunity to win real money, KingGame is the place to go. You won’t be disappointed!

Features of the Royal Fishing Shooting Game

Features of the Royal Fishing Shooting Game
  1. Boom Lobster: Shooting a lobster triggers a big explosion that can catch nearby fish.
  2. Zap Lobster: This lobster never runs out of ammo and can be used for 15 seconds at a stretch.
  3. Electric Shockwave: Hitting a fish creates a Lightning Chain that shocks nearby fish.
  4. Blast Crab: Shooting a crab causes it to explode, taking down other fish in the area.
  5. Sea Lord Bosses: The game features formidable Sea Lord bosses, a real challenge to defeat!

Unique Fish for Earning Bonuses in Royal Fishing Shooting Game

Unique Fish for Earning Bonuses
  1. Whirlwind Lobster: Fire a shot at this lobster, and it pierces through fish, causing a blast that can net you additional catches.
  2. Thunderstrike Lobster: This lobster offers a free 15-second spree where it automatically shoots Thunderbolt bullets, and you might even extend this free playtime.
  3. Lightning Strike Combo: This special fish creates a chain of lightning, electrifying nearby fish until you stop targeting them.
  4. Explosive Charge Crab: Shooting this crab results in a massive explosion, potentially snaring other fish in the blast.
  5. Invincible Bosses Golden Toad & Ancient Crocodile: When these formidable bosses appear, you have the chance to keep winning rewards until they depart.
  6. Awakened Boss Ice Phoenix: Defeating certain bosses triggers a powerful attack, increasing your chances of a big win.
  7. Chainlong King’s Wheel: Capture the Chainlong King, and a wheel emerges. You can decide when to stop it, and the numbers on the outer and inner rings determine your multiplier, which can reach up to 350 times.
  8. Unleash Dragon Fury: As you fire your shots, you accumulate wrath points. Once these points hit their maximum limit, you can unleash the potent Dragon Fury, causing a spectacular meteorite attack at the screen’s center. Keep in mind, the number of wrath points you collect depends on your bet size and is fully consumed when you use Dragon Fury. Also, if you leave the game or experience a disconnection for more than three minutes, your accrued wrath points will reset. Hence, strategic play and timing are crucial to maximizing this thrilling feature.

Guidelines for Playing Royal Fishing

When diving into the world of Royal Fishing, remember these three key tips:

Guidelines for Playing Royal Fishing
  1. Target Schools of Fish: Concentrate your shots on groups of fish. This minimizes the chances of wasting shots and losing money. By aiming at a group, even if you miss one, you may hit another. Additionally, you can eliminate multiple creatures with a single shot, helping you save your hard-earned cash.
  2. Team Up Against Big Bosses: Taking down formidable bosses on your own can be a real challenge. These bosses offer enticing rewards, but they are tough nuts to crack. Since the game allows for up to four players in the same room, wait for your online friends to join in and help you tackle these imposing foes. Trying to defeat them solo can be costly and time-consuming.
  3. Choose Your Room Wisely: Exercise caution when selecting the room in which you wish to play. Opting for a room with reasonable bets is vital for managing your finances during your fishing adventure. Playing in such rooms won’t strain your wallet in the long run. However, if you dive into high-stakes rooms without due consideration, you risk losing your bets without realizing when to call it quits, potentially jeopardizing your financial well-being.

Payouts in the Royal Fishing Shooting Game

In the Royal Fishing Shooting Game, your winnings depend on the fish you capture. Here’s a breakdown:

Payouts in the Royal Fishing Shooting Game
  1. Common fish: They can reward you with anywhere from double (x2) to fifty-five times (x55) your initial bet.
  2. Special fish: Each special fish has its own payout rates:
  • Lobsters: They can pay you from twenty times (x20) to eighty times (x80) your bet.
  • Lightning Chain: Offers a payout of sixty times (x60) your bet.
  • Bomb Crab: Pays seventy times (x70) your bet.
  • Golden Toad: Rewards range from fifty times (x50) to one hundred and twenty times (x120) your bet.
  • Ancient Alligator: Yields between sixty times (x60) and one hundred and fifty times (x150) your bet.
  • Whales: These bring luck and can pay out from ninety times (x90) to one hundred and fifty times (x150) your bet.
  • Lucky Dragon: Offers payouts from one hundred and twenty times (x120) to two hundred times (x200) your bet.
  • Phoenix Ice: The odds range from one hundred and eighty times (x180) to three hundred times (x300) your bet.
  • Dragon King Wheel: This special feature can pay from one hundred and thirty-five times (x135) to three hundred and fifty times (x350) your bet.

What sets the Royal Fishing Shooting Game apart is its cashback bonuses, a feature not commonly found in other fish shooting games. In addition, the game hosts special events from time to time, making it a must-try for you and your friends. Don’t miss out on this thrilling experience!


Royal Fishing is an exhilarating shooting game where players aim to capture a variety of fish to earn rewards and prizes.

To play Royal Fishing, you aim and shoot at fish using your virtual weapon. The larger and rarer the fish you catch, the more you can win.

Special fish in Royal Fishing include Lobsters, Lightning Chain, Bomb Crab, Golden Toad, Ancient Alligator, Whales, Lucky Dragon, Phoenix Ice, and Dragon King Wheel, each with its unique payout rates.

You can enhance your chances of winning by targeting groups of fish, teaming up with other players to take on formidable bosses, and choosing a playroom with suitable bets for your budget.

Yes, KingGame Online Casino is compatible with mobile devices, enabling you to enjoy Royal Fishing on the go.

Common fish offer payouts ranging from x2 to x55 times your bet, while special fish, such as lobsters, lightning chain, and others, have their specific payout rates.


In summary, within the online casino realm of the KingGame platform, Royal Fishing offers a unique and thrilling gaming experience. Its array of fish payouts and enticing bonuses seamlessly blend skill and luck, making it a beloved choice among players. Seize the opportunity to plunge into this exhilarating underwater realm and net substantial victories. Join us at KingGame and commence your adventure in the world of Royal Fishing today, where the excitement of a fishing game awaits.

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