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Jili Games, a game provider, offers a wide range of fun games on various themes like video games, card games, and hunting and fishing games. You can explore and play their games in demo mode on the KingGame website or at reputable casinos.

One of their latest games is called Happy Fishing, where your aim is to catch fish in a war-themed world. The size of the fish you catch determines your winnings, which you can see in the payout table. Bigger catches mean bigger prizes.

Happy Fishing

A unique feature of the game is the option to use torpedoes if regular shots can’t handle large targets. Keep in mind, torpedoes cost more than regular shots. Give Happy Fishing a go and see how much fun it is!

Happy Fishing: A Beginner’s Guide to Playing

Learning how to play Happy Fishing is a breeze when you understand the game’s basics, betting options, paylines, and how to select the best game room. Let’s make things simpler by breaking them down into clear and straightforward steps:

Happy Fishing A Beginner_s Guide to Playing

Grasping the Game Mechanics

  • Auto-Shooting Targets: Happy Fishing makes it easy with an auto-shoot feature. Turn it on, and the game fires shots at underwater targets automatically, so you can focus on strategy and enjoy a smooth gaming experience.
  • Selecting Your Weapon: In Happy Fishing, you can pick from different weapons, each with its own unique abilities. Choosing the right weapon, whether it’s a rapid-fire machine gun or a precise laser, significantly impacts your chances of winning big.
  • Adjusting Your Bet: The game allows you to flexibly adjust your bets. You can increase or decrease your bets based on your strategy and risk tolerance. Knowing how to do this effectively can affect your winnings.

Placing Your Bet and Understanding Paylines

Once you’ve got the hang of the game mechanics, it’s time to place your bets and comprehend the paylines. Happy Fishing offers various betting options to match your preferred risk level and potential rewards. Knowing paylines is essential for making well-informed betting decisions.

Choosing the Right Game Room

Happy Fishing has different game rooms, each with its own features and prize opportunities. Selecting the right game room is a crucial decision that can shape your gaming experience. Whether you’re aiming for big prizes or a more relaxed gaming atmosphere, your choice in Happy Fishing matters.

Exciting Features in Happy Fishing

Happy Fishing offers a bunch of fun game features, including Special Fish, Giant Prize Fish, Immortal Boss, and more. Let’s analyze each of these characteristics in greater detail.

Exciting Features in Happy Fishing

Special Fish

In Happy Fishing, you’ll come across special fish, each with unique abilities that can boost your winnings. Here’s what these fish do:

  • Starfish: When a Starfish is gone, it creates a whirlpool that can capture and eliminate nearby fish, increasing your chances of winning.
  • Bomb Crab: The Bomb Crab explodes upon defeat, throwing bombs that blast nearby fish, adding a strategic twist to your game.
  • Drill Crab: The Drill Crab goes out with a bang, causing destruction along its path, giving you a shot at big wins.

Special Weapon – Torpedo

Using the Torpedo as your special weapon costs more, but it significantly improves your chances of catching and eliminating fish, especially for those seeking bigger rewards.

Giant Prize Fish

After catching special fish, you can keep winning and even get a shot at winning up to 5 times the super prize. It keeps the excitement alive and motivates you to hunt for these extraordinary creatures.

Immortal Boss

When the Immortal Boss shows up, you can keep winning by attacking it until it leaves. This adds strategy and persistence to your gameplay.

Mega Octopus Wheel

After defeating the Mega Octopus, you can spin the Mega Octopus Wheel. The multiplier it lands on will boost your earnings. If you hit the “Golden Wheel,” you could win a massive 950 times multiplier, leading to huge rewards.



Normal Fish

  • Typical fish rewards include multipliers of 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x, 8x, 10x, 12x, 15x, 20x, 25x

Golden Goldfish

  • Golden Goldfish 40x
  • Golden Clownfish 45x
  • Golden Jellyfish 50x
  • Golden Manta Ray 55x

Giant Prize Fish

  • Huge Clownfish 



  • Huge Angelfish



  • Huge Pufferfish



Special Fish

  • Starfish 60x
  • Bomb Crab 70x
  • Drill Crab 20-80x

Immortal Boss

  • Jaws 60-120x
  • Gem Turtle

50x, 60x, 70x

400x, 480x, 560x

Immortal Beasts

  • Mega Octopus 100-950x

Tips for Winning Big in Happy Fishing

Here are some straightforward strategies to help you win big while playing Happy Fishing. These tips focus on special fish, using torpedoes wisely, targeting the Mega Octopus, seizing Giant Prize Fish opportunities, and other key tactics:

Tips for Winning Big in Happy Fishing
  • Master the Game Basics: Get a solid grip on target control (auto-shoot), weapon selection, and bet adjustments. These are the foundations of your game plan.
  • Choose Your Weapon Carefully: Different weapons have different accuracy and firepower levels. Select the one that suits your style and the fish you want to catch.
  • Bet Wisely: Adjust your bets based on your budget and risk tolerance. Lower bets make your game last longer, while higher bets offer a shot at bigger rewards. Discover the ideal balance to achieve your objectives.
  • Pay Attention to Paylines: Activate various paylines to explore different ways to win. Try out various arrangements to determine what suits you best.
  • Focus on Special Fish: Keep an eye out for unique fish like the Starfish, Bomb Crab, and Drill Crab. They have special abilities and the potential for big wins. Strategically target them for maximum rewards.
  • Utilize the Torpedo: The Torpedo is a potent special weapon that can improve your chances of eliminating fish and winning prizes. It comes at a cost but can be a worthwhile investment.
  • Prioritize the Mega Octopus: Capture the Mega Octopus when it appears, as it introduces the Lucky Golden Wheel and offers high multipliers. It can significantly boost your earnings.
  • Seize Giant Prize Fish Opportunities: Capturing a Giant Prize Fish unlocks a chance to win a 5X super prize. This provides an excellent opportunity for consecutive victories and substantial rewards.
  • Conquer the Immortal Boss: When the Immortal Boss shows up, continuously attack it to accumulate rewards. This effort has the potential to result in remarkable winnings.
  • Spin the Mega Octopus Wheel: After defeating the Mega Octopus, don’t miss the chance to spin the wheel. The multiplier you land on can significantly boost your earnings, and if you hit the “Golden Wheel,” you might secure a remarkable 950 times multiplier.


Happy Fishing is a casino game where you shoot at fish to win prizes. Adjust your bet, aim at the fish, and shoot. Different fish have varying values.

Torpedoes are powerful shots that cost more but have a higher chance of catching fish. Use them strategically for larger rewards.

The “Golden Wheel” is a special feature that allows you to spin for multipliers, with the potential to win up to a 950x multiplier.

Many casinos offer mobile versions of Happy Fishing, so you can enjoy the game on smartphones and tablets.

Happy Fishing can be fun for beginners, but it’s important to start with smaller bets and practice to understand the game’s dynamics.


In summary, Happy Fishing represents a thrilling blend of fishing and slot machine excitement, where players target fish with varying point values and utilize special features like torpedoes and bonus rounds to maximize their winnings. While it offers both enjoyment and the potential for rewards, responsible gaming remains paramount. Luck is a substantial factor, making it accessible to players of all skill levels, particularly if they commence with modest wagers and acquaint themselves with the game. Happy Fishing delivers a distinctive and immersive gaming encounter for those in search of underwater adventures and entertainment, whether within the realm of online casinos or the world of fishing games, with an emphasis on responsible play and overall enjoyment.

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